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Expert Tips to Help You Prepare For Your Job Interview

Preparing for a job interview can be overwhelming. Candidates often ask themselves questions like, “How can I best prepare” “What if I don’t have all the skills necessary,” and “What is the interviewer expecting of me?” To help answer these questions, we’ve connected with the experts here at PSI to learn their tips for assisting candidates in preparing for and acing their interviews.

Be Honest About Your Skills and Experience

“In your interview, be honest about your skills and professional experience. If you lack expertise in certain areas, recognize that and focus on your transferable skills and knowledge that can make up for it. For example, if you haven’t done a certain task before, describe your theoretical training and how you can apply that to handle the job. It’s also important when you’re presenting yourself during the interview that you strike a healthy balance between enthusiasm and overconfidence. Avoid using cliches or generic answers that you can’t back up with real examples; instead, be specific to avoid sounding too rehearsed.”

– Ksenia Solovyeva, Recruitment Director

 Do Your Research and Come Prepared With Questions

“An interview should never be one-sided. In your interview, you’ll have the opportunity to ask questions, so make sure you’ve researched beforehand and crafted thoughtful questions that align with the job description and company culture. The interview is also an opportunity to see if PSI aligns with your values and expectations. Be sure to ask yourself, “Why am I interested in this position? How does this role relate to what I seek for my career and professional future?” “What are my expectations for this opportunity?” These questions will help you understand why you’re interested in the position and help you be more prepared.”

– Leticia Secler, Recruiter

Provide Tangible Examples to Support Your Professional Experience

“During your interview, provide the hiring team with tangible examples and details to support your professional experience. While you have the full attention of the hiring managers, highlight why you’re the best candidate to be considered for the role and explain how your experience aligns with PSI’s core values. It’s also a good idea to express your genuine enthusiasm and excitement about why you feel this position is a good fit for you, how your experience aligns with the position, and how it fits your career goals. Finally, make sure to have the job description in front of you during the interview and highlight some key areas in which you feel you have been successful throughout your career, and how you can take this experience and contribute it to PSI.”

– Kimberly Simmonds, Recruitment Manager

By following these tips, you can better prepare for your job interview and increase your chances of success. Interested in joining PSI’s team? Apply today and put these tips to use!

Influencing Positive Change in Quality & Delivery Through Training 

When Andrea Cracraft joined PSI in 2013 as Director, Clinical Operations, North America, there were only a handful of clinical operations team members in the region. Together with a dedicated team, she and colleagues worked tirelessly creating systems and processes to ensure the growth of an efficient department and has since witnessed its incredible growth to well over two hundred team members.

After helping to build the local team, she and two other colleagues created the Oncology for Monitors program in 2017. With this program’s success, the team identified a need to improve the quality and delivery methods for training. To help meet that need on a global level, Andrea was promoted in 2020 to Director, Clinical Operations, Global Training where she manages a group of talented team members dedicated to creating various training programs and raising the bar for excellence in training here at PSI.

Throughout her career with PSI, Andrea has worked on many exciting projects with countless colleagues around the world. One especially impactful project is the product of her collaborative work to create oncology indication training for Clinical Operations. Together with the Master Trainer Unit, therapeutic area training is now offered in five different indications, specifically targeted to monitors. The Master Trainer unit has created more than 67 interactive and simulated tutorials, 17 training programs and workshops, and a successful mentorship program.

These programs are great examples of how PSI strives to ensure that team members are prepared to be successful in their careers and have the best training possible to provide quality service to clients.

Why PSI?

Andrea shares that she doesn’t know of another CRO where the owners work alongside the employees. “PSI’s owners truly want employees to have a career at PSI, and support their growth and development,” she says. “They care about our well-being and invest a considerable amount into programs, training, and activities that will increase employee satisfaction.”

Being a part of a company where colleagues work together with the goal of finding treatments that may positively affect or extend someone’s life is a fact that gives Andrea a great source of pride.

“I’m proud to work for a company that cares so much for their employees. A company that nurtures the environment that every patient counts, of being in it altogether, being accountable for your personal actions and responsibilities, being excellent at your job, but still maintaining humility, and being responsible to deliver results in a timely manner.”

Do you want to join a collaborative global team and make a difference in your career and for patients around the world? Click here to explore our open positions.

Mastering Communication & Knowledge Sharing, One Story at a Time

As a truly global company, we recognize that diversity is one of our greatest strengths. Our team members, with their unique skill sets, contribute to our culture of mutual support and accountability and bring greatly varied expertise to our projects. 

 Laura Alessandroni came to PSI with incredibly diverse skills. With work experience in hardware producing, consulting, communication & publishing, and teaching Italian to international students, she’s done it all, and we’re so proud to have her on our team.    

When Laura joined PSI, she began in the Pharmacovigilance department as a PVG coordinator where she used her experience writing, editing, and promoting to help create awareness for the PVG team and their internal and external work.   

One of the perks of working with PSI are the growth opportunities available to our team members, and the possibility to change departments to find the best fit to not only follow your passion, but also develop your skills. When a role opened in the Marketing team focusing on internal communication, Laura knew this was where she wanted to grow her career. Now as a Marketing Specialist, she’s one of the leading storytellers behind PSI Live!   

On any given day, you can find her researching, interviewing colleagues, and writing articles for PSI Live; creating graphics for articles, drafting the bi-weekly PSI newsletter, supporting PSI’s swag management, and helping to organize PSI Italy’s annual training plan and PSI values training just to name a few of the many hats she wears.   

In her role within the marketing team, Laura continues to learn and grow and makes connections with colleagues worldwide. She finds her work fulfilling, sharing that she’s grateful for the positive feedback on her projects and knows her commitment and effort are appreciated.  



Laura is proud to be a part of a company that helps find new treatments and medicines to help heal patients, giving them a chance for a better life.  

“PSI is a company comprised of professionals,” Laura shares. “We’re all passionate about our jobs, respectful of our colleagues, and are growing together in a company that values learning and growth.”   

To those considering a career with PSI, Laura shares, “If you’re looking for a company that recognizes your efforts and commitment and a team who pays attention to your work-life balance, values you as a colleague then PSI is the place for you.” Explore our career opportunities here. 



Making A Difference With Statistics

Jürgen Deinhard, Principal Statistician, works in clinical research to make a difference. While the work at PSI is not always easy, he feels he can positively impact patient lives through his expertise in statistics to help influence the science making new therapies available to those who need them. 


Making A Positive Impact


Sometimes it can be hard to see the tangible effects of one’s work in clinical research. But no matter your position at PSI, the culmination of everyone’s work plays a role in putting the patient first and helping improve patient lives. The FDA recently approved one therapy that Jürgen, and many of his colleaguges, had the opportunity to work with. “Now, in the end, everyone contributes to this success – whether an accountant, a country manager, or a SAS programmer – every single one of us does an important part of the work,” Jürgen says. 


Working Together and Putting Patients First

Juergen believes many aspects influence our positive corporate culture and our goal of putting patients first.  These include our open lines of communication that make it easy to brainstorm and collaborate with colleagues, our stability and organic global growth, and our culture of putting people first with constant trust, support, and appreciation.  

No matter where our colleagues are located, team collaboration is high on our agenda, and we’ve built a culture of respect, support, and accountability.  

Do you want to join a collaborative global team and make a difference in your career? Click here to explore our open positions.  


Top Reasons to Join PSI CRO as a CRA 

PSI Clinical Research Associates (CRAs) are integral members of our team who help maintain the highest quality stands in the industry while enjoying various monitoring tasks and working on clinical studies in various therapeutic indications.  


Are you considering a new home for your career in clinical research? If so, here are just a few reasons to join PSI as a CRA: 

  • Culture 

PSI has a strong culture rooted in our core values, and every new team member receives training on how to exemplify them in their daily work within their teams. At PSI, you’re not just a number; you are an integral part of the team and recognized for being yourself and for the expertise you bring  


  • Training & Development 

At PSI, we offer dedicated training and development programs to ensure that our team members are confident in their ability to do their job and receive the necessary skills and training to progress in their careers. For our CRA colleagues, we offer a CRA I training program, a lead monitor program, and a clinical trial lead training program. In addition, several training courses are available for team members with a desire to broaden their therapeutic expertise with intensive GI, Oncology, and Hematology programs 


  • Clear Career Growth Pathways 

A consistent pathway to progress in your career is important to our team members. When you join PSI as a CRA, a clear career path is available for you to follow as you grow your skills and desire more challenging projects. Want to grow into areas that are not already laid out in our clear career paths? No problem! We work with team members and provide opportunities to grow in other unique areas. We aim to promote from within, so there’s no shortage of opportunities for our CRAs to grow. 


  • Support & Mentorship 

Joining a new company and learning its unique processes can be overwhelming. We recognize that and want to make sure you are set up for success. That’s why after joining, in addition to the standard onboarding and training, you are paired with a senior member of the team to show you the ropes and provide guidance on duties you may not be familiar with yet.  


At PSI, we bring together more than 2,700 dynamic and knowledgeable individuals who work hard to help impact the future of medicine in more than 60 countries worldwide. Our team members, with their unique skill sets, contribute to our culture of mutual support and accountability. 


Are you ready to take your career to the next level as a PSI CRA? Apply today

Three Years Strong – PSI Awarded Best Place to Work

We’ve done it again: For the third year in a row, our team in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania, has qualified and won the title of Best Place to Work by the Philadelphia Business Journal.

We were honored with this title in 2019 and 2020. Even through the changes and challenges that came with the COVID-19 pandemic, our King of Prussia team was able to grow and nurture a welcoming culture that promotes teamwork and personal growth.

Winning in this region is no small feat. King of Prussia is home to several of the top clinical research, healthcare, and biotech companies.

We’re inspired by the employees that embody our company’s values each day and build a culture that welcomes new talent and encourages constant professional growth. Having a team willing to step up to each challenge with enthusiasm and a positive outlook allows PSI to make a difference by delivering quality clinical trials on time and on budget.

To learn more about the award, and the meaning behind this local badge of fame, click here. And to join the team that truly is among the best of the best, search our careers page and submit your application today!

To our entire team in KOP, and to the global team who helps make this recognition possible, congratulations! We’re #PSIProud of the work you do each day.

Hear From Our Team: #WhyIPSI

Have you ever thought of joining the team here at PSI CRO? In the past few months, we started asking our teams: what’s your favorite part about PSI CRO? In a world where options are endless, and talent is in high demand, we know that we have experts on staff that are best-of-the-best. And they’re telling us why they’re #PSIProud to be part of the team through our series of #WhyIPSI posts this year! To kick things off, take a look at a few of our testimonials below. Each month, check back to see more testimonials, and even a few familiar faces!

Hear some of the stories of the individuals who we’re lucky to call teammates: “I was fresh out of university and studied Human Genetics and Clinical Pharmacology when I was exposed to clinical trials. The opportunity arose at PSI where I could start my career in the field. I love how close the teams are throughout the company, regardless of where you are. I have transferred from South Africa to Australia, and the company still feels like home. It’s #WhyIPSI.”

Charlotte has been with PSI since 2014 and has been instrumental in building up our team in Australia. We’re lucky to have her.

“I always wanted to get into the CRO industry. Five years ago, a friend recommended PSI for their culture, but I was hesitant because I would have to move. But in the end, while leaving my family and city was difficult, the whole team was so friendly, helpful, and solution-driven that they have become my family. It’s #WhyIPSI.”

Brenda has been an instrumental member of our PSI South African team since her joining in 2015. We’re lucky to celebrate almost 6 years of her hard work.

“I wanted to work for an organization that has a strong company culture. I love that PSI is supportive of their employees, and I enjoy working cross-departmentally to grow PSI’s workforce. It’s #WhyIPSI.”

Madeleine hit the ground running when she joined our team in 2018 recruiting top talents. She’s as busy as ever as we continue to grow rapidly in the USA and across the globe. Interested in joining the PSI team? Reach out to Madeleine!

Thank you to all our employees for sharing #WhyIPSI. Stay tuned for additional stories from our team members.

Thank you to all our employees for sharing #WhyIPSI. Stay tuned for additional stories from our team members.

If this sounds like a team you’d like to be part of, check out our careers page. We’re hiring all across the globe in multiple departments. From clinical trial administrators to data managers, grow your career with us.

PSI CRO Continues Growth, Expands into New Office in Israel

PSI CRO, 08 March 2021: PSI CRO has announced opening a new office in Ra’anana, Israel, at 2 HaNufar Street, 10th floor. The office relocation allows PSI to continue to expand its growing team in the region, and further support the on-time delivery of clinical trials.

In light of the Coronavirus pandemic, moving during this time had added difficulties. However, it also had added benefits. “As part of the move to the new office and the desire to maintain the health of employees, we decided to examine a number of systems for improving and purifying the air,” states Ronit Pakula, Country Manager of Israel. “While we have worked remotely through much of the pandemic, companies in Israel are returning to in-person workplaces. Employee safety is and has always been a top priority for PSI, no matter what.”

With health and safety as the top priority, PSI Israel added the Electra UV light purification system to its air conditioning systems. The system has shown remarkable success in air purification to help fight and eliminate harmful bacteria and viruses, such as COVID-19. When considering what extra safety option PSI could take, Ronit noted, “After a comprehensive examination of the alternatives presented to us, I was convinced that Electra’s solution with the UV bulb, developed and manufactured in Israel, is the option that provides the best solution for air purification throughout the office. The system integrates naturally into the existing air conditioning system.”


About Electra UV: Electra presents the most advanced and safe air purification technology in the world. UV technology has been a proven technology for many years in water purification, operating rooms, food packaging, air conditioning and more. The use of a UV lamp harms viruses, bacteria, germs and microorganisms and neutralizes their reproductive capacity.

About PSI CRO:  PSI CRO is a privately-owned, full-service clinical research organization (CRO) operating globally. PSI’s global reach supports clinical trials across multiple countries and continents and is known to be highly selective about the work that they pursue. With an exceptionally high repeat and referral business rate combined with minimal staff turnover, PSI is committed to being the best CRO in the world as measured by its customers and its employees.

Global headquarters are located in Switzerland at 113a Baarerstrasse, Zug 6300.

For Media Inquiries:
Kayt Leonard, Public Relations Manager

PSI Celebrates Rare Disease Day 2021

Each year on the last day of February, EURORDIS partners with organizations globally that specialize in rare diseases to celebrate Rare Disease Day. The day aims to bring attention to the more than 6,000 rare diseases that affect over 300 million people each year.

According to EURODIS, rare diseases currently affect 3.5% – 5.9% of the worldwide population. That’s over 30 million people in Europe alone but still research and quality information on the diseases are lacking and result in a delay of diagnosis. For a majority of rare diseases, there are no existing cures.

PSI works in the rare disease space regularly with trials in Hemophilia, Willebrand Disease, Paroxysmal Nocturnal Hemoglobinuria (PNH), and many more. We dedicate the work we do every day to improving the lives and treatment options for those battling against these diseases.

To show our continued support to researchers, patients, and caretakers alike, we asked our PSI team to share why promoting research in rare diseases was important to them:

To me, it is a bit personal as I have some stories of rare diseases among my very close friends. And I want people with rare diseases to feel that they are not alone and, we’ll find a solution altogether.
Yuri Titov
Country Manager, Hungary
Helping to find cures for rare diseases means everyone has a shot at a better quality of living. Many rare diseases are based on genetics. As a person with a large family, finding out how genetics play a role in rare diseases is important to me.
Kelly Spaulding
Digital Strategist
I worked in rare disease research for over six years in former monitoring and project management jobs. I am grateful for the laws passed previously for orphan drugs to ensure pharmaceutical companies can bring these products to testing and the market while still staying viable as a business. However, I saw firsthand the importance of giving individuals and their families hope. One of the things that get me up every day and coming to work is that research and the treatments we help facilitate gives people options and gives them and their families hope and a way forward.
Ladonna Mullins
Senior CRA
Rare disease research is important to me because everyone deserves to have the chance for a cure or improvement in their quality of life.
Joseph Mullen
Business Development Associate
Because everyone needs to have the same opportunity!
Iara Souza
Office Management Specialist
Research into rare diseases is important to us in order to give hope to those who need it most.
PSI Italy
There are many people suffering from the lack of diagnostic tools and treatments!
Oscar Podesta
Head of Latin America
Until there is a cure, there need to be different treatment options, and we need to help the patients through research.
Adriana Macia
Senior CRA
Because life is rare!
Maria Blasco
Regulatory Officer
As a survivor of cancer that is treatable, it is important to me that we find cures and treatments for all disease, and rare is no exception!
Carrie Gable
Director of Business Development
Finding the cure for rare diseases is important to me, as it should be for everyone, because we, as humanity, are all intertwined, like a living, breathing chain. As such, we are only as strong as our weakest link - make that link better, and all of humanity benefits. Cure that single branch, and the tree will thrive.
Avi Gibly
Senior CRA
We can do such amazing things with medicine that it's only right that we fight to improve every life.
Allison VonCannon
Events Coordinator

Rare Disease Day might only last 24 hours but aim to provide 24 hours support to those battling against a rare disease. To learn more about rare diseases, Rare Disease Day events near you, and ways that you can get involved, visit To learn more about current research efforts, orphan drugs, and rare disease policies, visit

Celebrating World Cancer Day 2021

Each year on February 4th, The Union of International Cancer Control (UICC) partners with organizations across the world to celebrate World Cancer Day. With a global reach and an audience far and wide, this day is the leading initiative to raise awareness, improve educational outreach efforts, and encourage collective action to work towards a cancer-free world. During World Cancer Day, the UICC encourages everyone to share the driving passion behind why they are dedicated to ending cancer.

We asked the PSI team to share their stories – what’s their personal experience with cancer? What inspires them to work towards a cancer-free world? As a team truly committed to the mantra of “Every Patient Counts,” we knew responses would flow. We knew that our PSI team was, and is, deeply connected to the industry we work in. The responses we got were humbling and heart-warming:

“World Cancer Day is very important to me as I remember my dear friend, Adam Krief, of blessed memory. He fought and subsequently lost a battle against Primary Myelofibrosis at the tender age of 33. In the process, he inspired thousands to join the Global Bone Marrow Registry – which has led to over 180 matches and 20 transplants. May his memory continue to be a blessing!”  – Jeremie Braun, California, USA. 

“My mum lost the battle to breast cancer after fighting it for seven years. Having witnessed the pain that she endured with the disease and treatment, I do not wish that upon anyone else. Until a cure is found, I will continue to be an advocate for cancer research and education on preventative actions.” – Justine Lee, Sydney, Australia. 

“I lost a very dear friend to cancer three years ago. She was such a fighter, and I saw the pain she had to endure every day for two years. Unfortunately, she lost the battle, but she is remembered for the courage and strength she had. I need to be part of any Cancer awareness campaign — supporting the Fighters, admiring the survivors, honoring and remembering the taken and to those that are still fighting never give up hope!” – Odenda Joubert, Pretoria, South Africa. 

“My dad was diagnosed with stage 4 prostate cancer when he was 54 and fought like a trooper taking part in two clinical trials which brought his PSA levels down significantly extending his life expectancy. Sadly the disease took hold, and he didn’t make his 60th Birthday. Being a witness to the pain and suffering that no one should go through, I am a huge supporter in the fight against the dreaded C word! “– Hayley Greenaway, Oxford, United Kingdom.

“To me, World Cancer Day is a day to celebrate cancer research and help increase awareness for cancer screenings. Through early screenings, my guardian is winning his decade’s long fight with testicular cancer, along with many of my aunts and uncles. Early and frequent screenings save lives, so know the signs and get screened! “– Joseph Mullen, North Carolina, USA. 

At PSI, we’re proud to be part of the battle against cancer. But it’s on all of us to learn more, get involved, and do our parts to further education and research. Learn more about World Cancer Day. Together, we’ll end this disease.

“Cancer took my best friend of 32 years. There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t think about her and wish for one more hug. I am in this fight and will continue to be until no one else has to endure the heartache of losing their best friend. Love & miss you, Mom.” – Chris Budny, RTP, NC, USA

“My best friend and hero passed away last year after two bouts with breast cancer.  My Mom was determined to beat this disease and in her honor, I will continue her fight against cancer until we can find a cure.” – David Cass, Boston, MA, USA

“My mother passed away from breast cancer nine years ago. She remains my rock even now. In the back of my mind, I always hear her voice urging me onward. She was my best friend and I lost her too soon. So in her honor, I will always strive to make a difference in the fight against cancer.” – Susan Griffith, RTP, NC, USA

“Just a few weeks after her 50th birthday, my mom was diagnosed with an advanced form of ovarian cancer. The news came as a huge shock – but cancer doesn’t discriminate. Cancer doesn’t care how old you are, how active you are, or who you are. She’s a fighter, but not everyone has the opportunity to fight. It’s on all of us to raise awareness, advocate, and push research ahead. And until there’s a cure, we can’t slow down.” – Kayt Leonard, Raleigh, NC, USA

“After the loss of my dear old dad to colorectal cancer two years ago, I have been struck by the number of stories I hear about the increasing number of younger people being affected by the disease. I am determined to do my bit, to support the development of effective treatments so that we can stop the suffering of patients and their families and friends.” –   Helen Nelson, Oxford, United Kingdom

“Dr. Phillip M. Carter is a professor of Linguistics and a powerhouse of social justice in Florida.  He is also a cancer survivor and a light for anyone who has the honor of knowing him.  I do the work I do know thing that the quality of people’s lives are made better because of who he is and the work he does.  This would not have been possible if he had not survived testicular cancer. ” – Kelly Spaulding, RTP, NC, USA

“My daughter Ireland was diagnosed with a brain tumor at 14 months.  She was lucky as the tumor was very rare, and benign. Since this time, I have had many family members and friends who were not so lucky and lost their life far too early.  Cancer doesn’t stop in the midst of a pandemic! I’m thankful to work at PSI, they are committed to oncology research and live the motto #everypatientcounts especially in oncology trials.” – Brenda Reese, CA, USA

“My best friend and hero passed away last year after two bouts with breast cancer.  My Mom was determined to beat this disease and in her honor, I will continue her fight against cancer until we can find a cure.” – David Cass, Boston, MA, USA

“I am proud to be part of the fight against cancer.  This terrible villain has caused so much heartache to my family.  It has attacked family members of all ages.  For those loved ones I’ve lost and to those loved ones still fighting a good fight, I am honored to belong to a group that is dedicated to finding a cure.  My two cousins and a friend are currently in remission due to the progress we have made.” –Nicole Legler, Tampa, FL, USA

“Back in 2008 I had an excruciating headache and ended up going to the ER to receive a spinal tap and CAT scan.  The ER Doc told me that my spinal fluid was clear and he couldn’t see anything remarkable on the scan.  Luckily, my dear friend was a neurologist and insisted I have an MRI.  I soon came to find out that I have a brain tumor called an acoustic neuroma and it wasn’t small.  I ended up receiving radiation from a wonderful technology called Cyberknife and the tumor is slowly collapsing.  I am thankful every day for the research and brilliant minds that work every day to find an answer and as such, I have had many more years with my two sons.” – Carrie Gable, San Diego, CA, USA

At PSI, we’re proud to be part of the battle against cancer. But it’s on all of us to learn more, get involved, and do our parts to further education and research. Learn more about World Cancer Day. Together, we’ll end this disease.