Let's Meet at EANM 2022

I look forward to meeting you at EANM 2022 to learn more about your trial’s specific needs and discuss how PSI can help.

Christian Buhlmann

Head of Business Development, Europe & AsiaPac
Mobile: +49 (151) 5514 6064

Practical experience in global radiopharm studies
We specialize in pivotal Phase 2 and 3 oncology trials with a focus on radiopharmaceutical studies. Over the past 25 years, PSI has built a network of trusted radiopharmaceutical sites with Gallium generator experience and has a regulatory team who can navigate the specific challenges for approvals.

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Our mission is to be the best CRO in the world as measured by our employees, clients, investigators, and vendors.


For radiopharmaceutical clinical trials, cooperation and coordination on a global scale is a must.
Running oncology studies globally. We plan and execute seamless clinical trials with novel study designs.

The PSI Advantage

PSI CRO has been named a 2022 CRO Leadership Award Champion in the categories of Compatibility, Quality, and Reliability across two respondent groups (Overall and Small Pharma). This is also the fourth year in a row in which PSI CRO received CRO Leadership Awards in all five categories, also including Expertise and Capabilities. The CRO Leadership Awards are presented by Life Sciences Leader and Clinical Leader based on research conducted by ISR reports. The awards recognize CROs that are voted by sponsors to meet or exceed expectations.