Prepare to Soar: Join the PSI Team


Our mission is to be the best CRO in the world as measured by our employees, clients, sites, and vendors.

Employees come first because being in the people business, we know only happy employees can make happy clients, sites, and vendors.  In fact, we do not like the word “employees” and hardly ever use it. We prefer to say “teammates”. We work in teams, and that shapes our collective mindset. Connection and interdependence are important to us and we devote time, attention, and funds to bring teams together. Many newcomers quickly comment on the uncommon team atmosphere they perceive here from day one.


PSI is privately owned by a group of managers who set it up a quarter of a century ago and still come to work every day.

These folks succeeded in keeping the company fully independent. In our industry, this is unique and gives us great advantage and freedom.

The power distance within PSI is very short. It is routine for our upper level officers to be involved in all sorts of dialogue with teammates of all levels. We make a point to be approachable, receptive to new ideas, and open to feedback. After all, we want to identify our weaknesses before the market does.

Both our country and functional management have a fair degree of autonomy in making decisions and creating an engaging working environment. They have operational freedom to make nuanced country-and department-specific adjustments while nurturing the global PSI culture that unites us across six continents.

Day to Day

Work at PSI is not easy. We are up against fierce competition. We are often responsible for vast, complex clinical trial projects involving multiple parties, marked by manifold goals, cultural differences, and a fair amount of uncertainty.

Tight deadlines are a constant. Every day, there is a figurative Everest to climb.

Yet, the challenge, complexity and unstoppable evolution of our work are what make the daily routine manageable and often exciting. We run clinical trials in oncology, hematology, infections, inflammatory bowel diseases, neurology, rare diseases, and MS in particular.

Our work helps patients in need improve their well-being, and that is a fundamental driver for many of us to show up and do our best each day. And thanks to a strong corporate culture of mutual support and accountability, you’re never alone.

Career Growth

Our 25-year history of organic growth is full of examples of people joining the company as newbies to clinical research and later making it to department heads, country managers, or leaders of functional groups.

People with long CVs don’t impress us nearly as much as folks operating on an unquenchable drive, hunger for learning, hard work, resilience, and creative discontent. We will hire for the mindset and vigorously train for the skill, not the other way around.

Make a Difference

We work hard and we have great fun together. Music, art and all forms of creativity are a part of our daily existence at PSI, from top to bottom. Clinical research is a complex creative endeavor.

We believe the marriage of science and art strengthens our expression, teaches us empathy, and better communication all around. Life is too short to be unhappy and mediocre. We spend much of our lives at PSI, and we want this time to matter, to add up to something meaningful, something that could not happen anywhere else.

Give it a shot. Join the tribe. Make a ruckus.

It’s time to get more from your career. Maybe you’re looking for a new challenge.

Maybe you’re just curious.

Either way, we’d love to hear from you. We’re always on the lookout for new talent to add to our global team. And with offices around the world and teams across the globe, we have the right opportunities for the right people.

Life at PSI CRO

One Team, Seven Values

Delivering WOW Service

We are in a service business, and nothing short of excellence is expected from us. We are only as good as our last performance, if that. We know that we have to deliver every time, like the postman. We want our clients hooked on our services and that takes more than meeting expectations. Our clients don’t care how much we know until they know how much we care.

Being a

We work in teams, and that shapes our collective mindset. We admire and encourage individual brilliance, but we measure it as a contribution to a group effort – none of us is as smart as all of us. We know we can’t go it alone: no one gets there unless everybody does. By being supportive, loyal, and answerable to our teammates we deliver on larger commitments.


If we succeed, we celebrate; if we fail, we own up. We don’t make excuses or look for scapegoats. Responsibility can be shared or delegated, accountability cannot. We never thought we would have it easy. The right thing to do and the hard thing to do are often the same, so we embrace the challenge.


We judge ourselves by the results we achieve, not by effort or mileage. We value loyalty, but competence and perseverance trump years of service every time. For our clients, drug development is always a race against the clock, so we are intently attuned to time: every patient counts, and so does every day, and so does every contact with a customer.

Excelling in Communication

Everything communicates: our actions speak volumes, and our inaction speaks louder still. We strive to be proactive, skillful, and generous in the way we share information. We make a point to be approachable to colleagues, receptive to new ideas, and open to feedback. We want to identify our weaknesses before the market does.

Staying Lean

We stay true to our underdog beginnings. We want to remain lean, nimble, and adaptable. We cannot afford to carry around the deadweight of politics or excess bureaucracy. We value peer pressure over hierarchy.

Being Excellent &

We deliberately raise the bar for our performance, and by aiming high we achieve more. Perfection is not attainable, but by chasing perfection we often catch excellence. We will never settle for mediocrity.

We know that in order to win we have to be the best at everything we do. That’s good: there are no traffic jams along the extra mile. We belong to a knowledge-based industry, and our training is never complete. We learn every day and realize how much we still don’t know – that inoculates us against complacency.

Ready to join our team?

Our recruitment process is easy and straightforward, and we’ll be there with you every step of the way. We will guide and support you with information, making your interview experience smooth and comfortable.

We want to get to know you, your professional goals and interests, and will tell you everything about us.

Bring your questions and curiosity, and let your enthusiasm and skills shine through.


We are a passionate CRO. In today’s environment, we dare to be different. A dynamic, global company, we bring together more than 2,300 driven & dedicated people.

We work on the front line of medical science, changing lives, and bringing new medicines to those who need them.

We are the company that cares – for our staff, our clients, our partners, and for the quality of work that we do. And since 1995, we’ve built our reputation on service and delivery.

When you join PSI CRO, you aren’t just joining the next CRO on the list.

You’re joining a team that’s passionate about the work they do in more than 60 offices all around the world. You’re working with colleagues making an impact, and you’re raising the bar each and every day. You’re curious, and your professional goals focus on doing something significant. Making a contribution by doing the right thing is important to you. You want to make a difference.

Ready to join the team? Learn more and apply today. We can’t wait to see what makes you #PSIProud

The PSI Advantage

In 2021, PSI CRO has again received CRO Leadership Awards in five categories, including Compatibility, Expertise, Quality, Reliability, and Capabilities across two respondent groups (Overall and Small Pharma). In the Expertise category, PSI CRO is recognized as a Champion in the Leadership Awards. The CRO Leadership Awards are presented by Life Sciences Leader based on research conducted by ISR reports. The awards recognize CROs that are voted by sponsors to meet or exceed expectations.